Ara    Archer     Axe

 Bee    Bird of paradise    Blazon    Boar Head    

Cat-like   Cock

Devil  Died with the scythe   Dog    Dragon



Gallic head   Greyhound    Gull

Helm   Human Head



Lion   Little Prince


Panther   Paper fowl   Parrot   


Shark   Sioux    Skeleton   Stork

Tiger   Trident   


Wader   Wasp





















Yellow & black

White & red

With Dead Head

Black on a Yellow Disc












On a red flash


On black and red stripes


On blue and red stripes







Alsace (6 crowns et a yellow strip)

Lorraine (Gilded with 3 eagles on a yellow strip)

Armes d'Ile de France (3 lily flowers with "1941")

Armes de Normandie (2 lions on red blazon)

Green with sitting boar

French blazon with mousketeer

Blazon with mousketeer













Bayard's Helmet (closed with white panache)

Jean of Arc's head (open helmet)












Wings up

Wings down

Twisted neck

Slight form

In a brown & red flag



















Wings back














Slight form










Head on a blue circle

Black, fighting













Black & white, flying

Black and white, on the ground











Red & white with a thistle

Brown & red with a stork

Blue with a yellow cross

JYellow and black with a swift

With inscription "C 53"










Black Panther

Sitting Lion on a red background

Tiger head

Red Leopard

Jumping Lion








Sitting Lion on a red background

Jumping Lion











On blue circle

Black & white, flying












On a square blazon

On blazon













Black Panther

Red Leopard











White & red vulture

Yellow & black

Black with a dead head

Red & white, whith a magic ring

Black eagle on a yellow disc

Black eagle flying











Boar head on a blue or red strip

Sitting boar on a green blazon










Black eagle carrying a dead head

Skeleton with a scythe










In a blue flag or on a blue strip

With red wings